Guide to Flowers

Flower Delivery Dyce

Dyce Flowers has provided some helpful suggestions to best look after your flowers. Dyce Flowers supply all of our flowers in water. Upon delivery you should take your Flowers Dyce arrangement out of the bubble of water, cut the stems on a diagonal angle and put them in fresh water. Unless your flowers are provided in a container in which case our florists have already ensured all of the necessary measures have been taken to best care for your flowers all that’s left to do is ensure they always have enough water so you can get the most from your flowers. Dyce Flowers use only the freshest flowers in all of our bouquets and arrangements so you can be assured they will last the optimum amount of time. Dyce Flowers use only the highest quality in flowers and all of our flowers are delivered directly to us from Holland. We know how important it is to deliver the best quality in everything we do at Flowers Dyce because we want you to know you can trust us with whatever you need whatever the occasion may be. We pride ourselves on the high standards we achieve with all of our flowers here at Flowers Dyce because we know that using quality flowers in everything we do is the first step to making the most beautiful arrangements just as you expect them to be.

 Guide to Flowers 

Looking after your flowers means you should consider the environment which they are placed in, Dyce Flowers recommend that you should use lukewarm water and fill your container half way and trim around 2 inches off your stems every now and then. Dyce Flowers suggest that you should not place your flowers in too warm or too cold a room, finding the right temperature of 18-20 degrees is the best for your flowers. Dyce Flowers also suggest making sure your flowers are not in direct sunlight or too close to any heat source as it will cause your flower arrangements to wilt and die prematurely.

 Make sure your Dyce Flowers are not close to any ripening fruit, the fruit can release a gas which can cause your flowers to die. Another thing to avoid is the old fashioned technique for smashing your stems, this will damage the water vessels in the flower stems and stop them from absorbing water and must be avoided.  Dyce Flowers only use fresh flowers which is why we are happy to guarantee 7 days of beautiful flowers.

Dyce Flowers 

So to avoid flowers ageing prematurely follow all of these tips from our Dyce Florists and your flowers will last as long as possible so you can enjoy the gift you have received. Flowers make a lovely way to express something with more than words, Dyce Flowers are experts at providing flowers for all occasions. Our Florists are more than happy to help, so if you have a specific question or query you want to make you can get in touch with us over the phone or by email and one of our team will ensure your question is answered. Of course we always take care of your flowers exactly as they should be cared for here at Flowers Dyce because we have a wealth of expertise providing flowers in the North East of Scotland and we know just how to look after everything until it is handed over safely to your recipient. Everyone in the Flowers Dyce team takes the utmost care with your flowers including of course our drivers who make sure that your flowers are delivered without mishap wherever you need them to go.